First snow of the season

We had the first snow of the season today. Good thing I finally acknowledged that Summer is over and Autumn is here, right? Because otherwise it would have been hard for me to see those big white flakes coming down.

The "overcooked dinner" incident has be rephrased by professionals as a "protein fire" and tomorrow morning I will greet a team of recovery professionals at my door. They'll be here the rest of the week. Jeff's parents arrive tomorrow as well. I'm looking forward to waking up next week with my house back to normal.

Erma is looking forward to getting back to normal too. She's so arthritic. These past few days with the windows open has been hard on her body. (It's been cold!) Last night she dragged herself to the front door and waited for me to come home from my Small Group meeting. She meowed a big "meow" when I entered and proceeded to tell me (with her eyes) that the cold weather has been hard on her and she can't live like this anymore. Then she collapsed - all of her limbs gave out and she fell down. I brought food and water to where she was, then bundled her up in a down blanket and put her to bed in front of the raging hot pellet stove. I knew that I had to do something else too, something I didn't want to do. I have a bottle of Metacam (Meloxicam) that I keep for emergencies such as this. Metacam is deadly for cats. It works - it'll get her moving around again, but it kills her kidneys. I've spent 17 years buying the expensive cat food without animal by-products, with the intention of keeping her as healthy as possible. I get so angry when I think about throwing all of that away by giving her a week's supply of Metacam. But I do it when she really needs it. And now she does. I'll be watching her.

Tomorrow is a new day. For all of us.


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