Hanukkah and Christmas already, eh?

Didn't we just have Thanksgiving? Now it's Hanukkah and Christmas season?

It takes me a while to transition. This year I'm on the ball though, and I think it has to do with the ages of my girls. 3 and 5 are wonderful ages for completely immersing ourselves in the holiday of the month. Here it is, still November and less than a week after Thanksgiving, and our Christmas tree is up (not decorated, but up - a big deal!). Our non-dairy Hanukkah gelt is in the cabinet, waiting to make an appearance Wednesday evening. Holiday music is playing. It doesn't feel like my house, but I'll take it!

Thanksgiving was a treat - relaxing and fun. We all met at my mother's home on the Cape. We spilled out into two houses next door to each other - the "grown-ups" in one house (the Gen X grown ups), and the grandparents and grandchildren in the other house. It worked out so well! Everyone had a great time.

My older sister made me suggested I try the Insanity workout with her. It was TOUGH but it got my blood moving and it just might be the thing for me. When I got home I checked it out online and saw that it costs about $150 (ouch!). I found someone on Craigslist who is selling it for significantly less and I'm picking it up tomorrow. This should be interesting! It might be just what I need to push through some of my lack of exercise/love of food issues. Sometimes I just need to stop thinking and whining and start moving. You know?

All in all, life is good. Very good.


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