So here it is, catching me off guard as it always does. It's November! How does this happen? They say that time moves faster and faster the older you get.... what does this mean for me 30, 40, 50 years from now, if it's moving at warp speed already?

We had a lot of fun dressing up and trick or treating yesterday. 'H's fairy costume received finishing touches throughout the afternoon. I used McCalls M6138 pattern and made the most complicated dress in the pattern set (of course). What most surprised me was how much I liked the wings. I didn't think they would come out that well and I was really happy with how they went together. They were big and fluid, but not floppy.

'A's dress is the one I made last year. It was too big last year and still a bit big this year. She LOVES it and so do I. It's supposed to be a princess dress but this year, since she's obsessed with all things Ingalls and Little House on the Prairie, she wore a bonnet and called herself a prairie girl. And that worked out just fine because our friend Erika and her son joined us last night and Erika was "Ma." Ma and Mary Ingalls donned their bonnets and quilted blankets (for warmth) and we toured the neighborhood.

Oh, and a rock star from the 70's joined us too.

Today's task is to get rid of all the Halloween candy. Last year I let them eat a piece a week until Christmas. Ugh. It lasts forever that way. This year I have a different approach: I'm having them eat all they want by the end of today, then we're sending it to the troops overseas. 'H' is certainly doing her part to eat it all up. Oh my! We'll be leaving soon for a walk to the playground (I'll be walking, they'll be skipping, jumping and running). I think we'll all benefit from the fresh air, exercise and break from the candy bag.

And once the candy is gone, we'll have something else to fixate on. The girls are getting to the age where they like to pick out the music we listen to and they like to sing along. I'm so happy with their #1 choice: Dan Berggren. Dan is a phenomenal Adirondack folk singer and songwriter. His music is meaningful and from a parent's perspective, it's so darn wholesome! I couldn't wish for more.

We have one of Dan's CDs and the girls absolutely love it. They listen to it over and over and over again. 'A' says that a few of his songs are her "most, most favorites" and the rest are her favorites. She and 'H' love them all. We recently asked him to recommend two more of his CDs that we could give to 'A' and 'H' for Hanukkah. Surprise, surprise(!), he's having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale in November, so he picked out a third for me and Jeff. It's a good thing we have this 3rd one for all of us to enjoy now, before Hanukkah begins, because Jeff and I wouldn't have been able to wait another month to listen to some new music. Is all of this inspiring you to check him out?

What could be better than enjoying a little candy while we listen to our favorite songwriter?


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