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I've been enjoying these slow winter days. I've had some time to think about things that need thorough consideration. Like an allowance for 'A'. I feel like it's time for her to learn about earning money, and I've been tossing around different ideas for a few months. Finally I've come to the conclusion that if she's going to be paid for work done around the house, I want it to be work that makes a difference to me. She makes her bed every day, which is great, but it doesn't really make a big difference in my daily life. She clears her dishes after breakfast and lunch, which does make a difference, but I don't want to pay her to do it. She lives in this house and she dines at the table, and she should help clean up. It's common courtesy to clean up after yourself.

Hmmm, where does this leave us? There are two jobs that I am willing to pay her to do, and when she does them, I'll appreciate it 100%. One is to wipe up the kitchen floor after I sweep it. She'll put a damp washcloth on the swiffer mop and go! She loves to "swiffer." The other job is to take a damp washcloth and wipe off the bathroom countertops and sinks. I clean the bathrooms regularly, but it doesn't hurt to wipe things down between cleanings. It makes me happy to see a clean sink.

I like these ideas because they only involve water and some elbow grease, and they are fairly simple jobs to complete. The next questions are when to pay her, and how much? Jeff and I have agreed on $.10 per sink washing and $.10 per floor washing. She can do it once a day at most. We have three sinks and one floor to clean, so at most she'll earn $.40 a day. Since we homeschool, there's ample time at home most days for her to clean. If she doesn't want to clean, she doesn't earn money. If she wants to, she will earn some. It's that simple.

The final angle is that she'll add some of her earning each Sunday to her children's offering to the church. We send her with an envelope now, and we'll continue to do so, but she'll have to choose how much of her weekly earnings she wants to give in addition. She can give a penny or the whole purse. It's her choice. I want her to see how it feels to give different amounts. See how it feels to give.

Erma is headed to her biopuncture appointment tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. It's making her feel better in ways I never knew possible.

Have a great day.


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