Christmas, Part 2

This is what we woke up to today - fresh snow! Here in upstate New York, we were just on the edge of the blizzard that hit the Northeast. We received perhaps a few inches. Nothing like the 2 feet my sister was due to receive in Massachusetts. Soon I'll bundle up the girls and we'll head outside to play, to shake off the bird feeder, and to look for fresh tracks coming from the woods.

Our home has been visited by all kinds of fairies as of late. 'H' has suddenly grown into a big girl, a big helpful girl! She's been getting ready without dilly-dallying and holding us all up; she's been making her bed; clearing her dishes from the table; cleaning up her toys; and doing it with the most cheerful disposition. Yesterday she even pulled herself out of the room when she felt grumpy, sat alone, and came back a few minutes later with a smile on her face. Who is this child? I can hardly believe she's the same girl we've known all her life.

A few weeks ago, 'A' was given colorful little tent cards at a Daisy meeting that say "A Daisy was here. She was friendly and helpful without being asked." 'A' leaves them around the house when she does something helpful. Well you know, the girls spend so much time together and they share everything so eagerly... 'A' was excited to share her cards with 'H', and 'H' was excited to learn about being friendly and helpful. But 'H' is not a Daisy, and the cards weren't entirely appropriate for her, so I made her some of her own. She decorated some of them and was so pleased to use them to mark her own friendly and helpful deeds. What angels they are!

Although life couldn't get any better than this, it did. Jeff contacted Erin to purchase one of her wonderfully handmade gifts and for Christmas I received the most beautiful camera strap. I love it!


This week I'm looking forward to:

Checking out snowshoe prices so we can take advantage of some wonderful activities at Moreau State Park (and elsewhere) this winter.

Buying a 2011 calendar so I can keep myself organized (I would love to use my Outlook calendar exclusively, but without a fancy phone, I can't make plans and stay organized when I leave my home!). The paper calendar is back.

Planning our trip to Disney World (more to come!)

Working on some special crafting for the girls and with the girls

Taking Erma to the acupuncturist for a treatment (she's doing great, by the way)

Seeing Jennifer and Emily, my sisters; my niece and nephew; and my dad and Marilyn for a late Christmas celebration in Connecticut, and stopping to pick up some Wild Hive Farm flour on the way.

Saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011!

What are you looking forward to?

These last four photos are of some of the goodies I received in my fabulous gift bag from the From Scratch Club. Missing are the treats we had to rip open and try right away, such as the peppermint bark, the fudge, and the cookies. You know, I had to make sure it was fit to serve at my Christmas dinner. And it was.


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