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Homeschool art class, where the girls learned about Mayan culture and painted Mayan hieroglyphs in watercolor ('A' painted a book, 'H' chose the butterfly)

Play "Mary and Laura" (that activity is a given... every day, all day)

State Park fun: snowshoeing and fox tracking (we followed the bunny and fox tracks, one on top of the other, then suddenly the tracks got a little wild, and only one set continued on... the fox tracks. That was an interesting find). We followed up the outdoor fun with warming up by the fire at the warming hut.

All of these things were wonderful, but do you know what was most exciting for me? We were all able to get out of the house in a timely fashion today and made it to these activities on time. That hasn't been happening all the time lately. I'll tell the girls to head upstairs and get dressed and brush their hair and teeth. Ten minutes later I'll call up and ask them how they're doing, and they're heavy into playing and haven't been able to get dressed. A few minutes later I ask again, and it's like I'm telling them for the first time. What's a mother to do? Yesterday I decided that I wouldn't get upset, and when it looked like we were going to miss their gymnastics class because they couldn't get moving along, I said cheerfully, "looks like we're going to get to stay home today girls." I'll tell you, that freaked them out. They didn't like the fact that I was sounding happy about missing an activity. Perhaps that's why today they were able to get out the door in good time.

Whatever the reason, I'll take it. I like their new attitudes!

It was a good day!


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