Getting out of a rut!

I hate falling into ruts, and if there's one thing I dislike more than falling in, it's not seeing how to get out. Sometimes my ruts are deep and cavernous (food issues, anyone?) and other times, they're easy to see into and see out of. Take my mail issues, for example. For a few months now, we've all had our own return address labels, and the stamps are always handy, waiting for the pen-pal urge to strike. Did I say "handy?" What I meant to say is that the return address labels and the stamps are always on the top of my desk... kind of placed toward the front of the pile of papers. Not always together, and never easily accessible when I need them. When I'm teaching children about letter-writing, I invariably need them right now!!! Finally I got smart and put them all together in this nice basket (Erika might recognize it - she filled it with delicious treats for Christmas. I hope I get to keep it, because I want to!). What a difference it makes. I love having everything together, just where I need it. How is that for getting myself out of a rut?

Next up: our winter hats and mittens "rut." Some people might call it a disorganized, confusing mess. I call it a rut. I can get out of it, and I will.


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