New ideas for a new year

January is such a wonderful time for reflection. The busy-ness of the holidays is over and I find myself thinking more about the meaning of our days and our routines. Am I happy? Does my life have purpose? Am I raising my children the way I want to?

Out of those big questions come some random answers and, as always, new projects for me. This is my random list of what I want to focus on for the rest of the winter (in addition to the multitude of other things I already focus on):

* My photography. I've been in a rut for a while. I need a new challenge! I'm going to start by playing around with my camera settings, and I'm going to take new notice of photos I see on the web that captivate my imagination. I'll share them all with you too.

* That plastic bag stash of mine. My problem remains the same as it was last March and April. I never did find a solution for it. I've GOT to find a solution.

* Recipe ideas! I seriously need to refresh my menu plans. Stay tuned for new ideas!

* Getting to know the birds in our backyard better. I've got three feeders up now and we all love watching the birds visit every day. Now I want to know more: do they have certain times of day that they like to come? What food do they prefer? How many kinds of birds visit us?

I'm looking forward to some new things to learn this year!


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