A renewed commitment

:: 'A' playing Mary Ingalls, getting ready for the dance at grandpa's in the Big Woods of Wisconsin ::

I had a dream last night that the world ended. Actually, everything we take for granted about the stars ended too. In a blink, the universe, including our planet, was sucked up into a tiny little vacuum. It all disappeared, and before I went with it, I saw empty blackness all around.

I woke up and understood at once that it's time for me to reaffirm my commitment to our planet. As much as any of us do, there's always more to be done. I wonder what this world will look like for my grandchildren. And their grandchildren. What will be left?

I continue to believe that our food choices are a very big part of the equation. We all eat, and choosing sustainable foods is an easy way to make a big difference in the environment. Local, sustainably-grown food is the key. Limiting consumption of factory-farmed meat and dairy products (as well as eggs) goes a long way. Saying "no" to genetically modified foods is good for all of us. What else aside from food? I try to limit my plastic consumption and think twice about taking the car out if I don't need to. But there's so much more to be done. I want to discover what further conservation means for me.

My mother just installed a windspire at her house. She'll generate her electricity via wind power, and whatever she doesn't use will be fed back to the grid. Good for her. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all do that too?

On a completely unrelated note, 'A' is learning how to read in spite of herself. I say it like this because she has resisted any hint of learning for a while now. All of a sudden though, she's starting to understand how sounds come together to form words, and how words meet up to make meaningful sentences. It's a magical thing to watch. She's entering a new place. And is it a coincidence that it's happening just after her first tooth fell out? Or was Rudolf Steiner on to something?


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