Salad portions

It has come - that time of year when the food is a bit more sparse. When I portion out the salad to be just enough. Not enough to feel fully satisfied, but enough to feel that we ate some fresh, healthy greens for the day. Salad isn't served every day anymore; we're lucky if our greens last us 4 days - more likely, it's 3. I fill up every Saturday at the farmer's market, and even there, the pickings are becoming more and more slim. Michael doesn't have as much to bring as he did in the warmer months. I've got a basket full of squash, turnips, beets and radishes, ready to roast or braise. The pantry is still full of rice, beans and pasta; we'll be eating plenty of that this winter. It's the greens that are missing most now. It happens every year. It's not something I dread at all, and it's even something I look forward to, a little bit. Paring down at this time of year feels right.

:: rain barrel at the library ::

:: Jeff warmed up today in the sweater his mother knit for him so many years ago ::


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