It snowed here today, all day. I made sure my schedule was clear so we could stay home and enjoy it. We've had a very good day today. Jeff isn't here to enjoy it with us, which is too bad. Luckily our wonderful neighbor came by with his snowblower and cleared the driveway. I should be able to get out tomorrow to take Erma to the acupuncturist with no trouble! Priorities, you know.

Speaking of Erma, here's a little info about her treatment in case you ever have an old, arthritic cat to care for and would like to know. She's halfway through a biopuncture treatment which is definitely helping her body to heal. Her fur is so soft and fluffy now, her muscles are relaxed, she doesn't seem to be in pain as much. She's had one chiropractic treament to straighten out her spine and hips (she was walking almost sideways before and it was obvious that something was out of alignment). She's had a few acupuncture treatments and perhaps she'll receive another one tomorrow with her biopuncture treatment. She may not even need it. I added one more thing to the mix this week: she's back on Duralactin, a milk protein powder that I add to her food. It seems to make a huge difference. The limping has decreased considerably.

So there you have it. Natural treatment for an old cat.

The schools might be closed in town, but my girls still have school as usual, as much as I "do" school with them. Here are our snowy science experiments of the day:

:: We went outside and brought black construction paper along to catch snowflakes and look at the differences in the snowflake shapes. Individual star shaped flakes are so beautiful!

:: Then we filled two containers with snow. I packed down the snow in one container and refilled it to the brim. Both containers are now sitting on the kitchen counter and the girls pop over once in a while to check on them. 'A' has an idea about what will happen - that they will melt - and she's learning today that the one that was packed down is melting at a slower rate. Tomorrow, when they're fully melted, I'll ask her if she thinks we can make them back into snow.

We also made maple syrup candy today using this recipe. It was part educational and all fun! And messy, it was also very, very messy, at least while 'H' was eating it. It's pretty neat to watch a liquid turn into a solid in no time flat.

:: Can you see the chickadee at the feeder? ::


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