Ahhh... Monday!

Ahhh... Monday, you're here! I've always enjoyed Mondays because I like the shift in routine that the new week brings. Before I had children, back when I worked full time (for pay), I enjoyed the reentry into the hustle and bustle of the work week. Things are different now. Our family is busy, busy, busy all weekend long, and although we all enjoy it immensely, I look forward to Mondays as a day of rest, a time to regroup, a time to get in touch with our sources of energy again.

Today is no exception. Over the weekend my sister came to visit, and we went to see the film Inside Job (it left me feeling depressed and angry). I didn't work on Saturday at the farmer's market this week, but still we went to pick up our vegetables. On Saturday night we headed out to Galway to hear Dan Berggren play his guitar with the Jamcrackers at the Cabin Fever Songfest. By Sunday morning it was clear that the girls had both caught a cold and were too sick to go to the UU service. They rested and saved up some energy so they could attend their skiing lesson in the afternoon. I snowboarded and wasn't thrilled about the icy, heavy snow. By the time we finished up, I was happy that I had taken the time to make Healing Soup earlier in the day. We all needed a little healing.

So today, on this sunny Monday, I'll share some quiet time with my children; plan meals for the week ahead; read a bit, to the girls and by myself; and perhaps stop at the library to pick up a few new books.

Last week the girls and I got creative with crayons. We peeled the paper wrappers from old, broken crayons, cut them into small pieces, and then microwaved them in heart shaped molds until they formed new crayons. I've learned a few lessons from this activity. First of all, if anyone ever tells you that it's easy to do, know that they are lying. It's messy. We used the regular waxy crayons you get at a restaurant or in a Crayola box, and the wax left a film on my cutting board that I had to work to get off. It's also probably a bit toxic. I know that the crayons say "non-toxic" on them, but are they really? Aren't they made of petroleum? I'm wondering how bad it is to breathe in the melted crayon fumes. I suppose soy-based crayons would be a better choice.

The next time I do this, I think I'll melt crayon pieces of the same color in one dish, then pour some into the mold, let it harden, and repeat with different colors. I know, in one breath I say it's toxic, and in the next I'm talking about doing it again. Anyway, adding all the crayon pieces to the mold and melting them at the same time produced odd results. Some of the crayons melted too quickly, making brown hearts, and some melted too slowly, leaving larger, unmelted pieces in the hearts.

Perhaps the funniest moment that day came when 'A' said to 'H', "When you grow up, maybe you can be a crayon maker!" And 'H' said, "NO! I want to be a Queen!" Hey, look at me - I'm both a crayon maker and a Queen Bee.


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