Thawing out

Hi there. We've had a whirlwind two weeks. All of which I promise to write about in more detail very soon. We explored Disney World; 'A' ate in restaurants all week without any food allergy incidents (BIG WOOHOO!!!); we returned to upstate New York to find snow; spent two days at the hospital with 'H' who had a piece of metal in her eye and needed surgery; spent entirely too much time away from home in the evenings all week; and we finished up this longest week ever with a parenting workshop where we realized just how much we're scarring our children (well, not really, but if we were "glass half empty" type of people, we could have walked away with that message). Tomorrow I'll work at the Farmer's Market and after I come home in the afternoon, we are going to spend the remainder of the day together as a family, talking, laughing, playing, eating, resting and feeling grateful to have each other. No driving, no meetings, no computers, no distractions. No health scares, no surgeries, no risk of allergic reactions, no stress. We need this time. We need it very much.

That's what we've been doing and what we need. Here's what we've got in photos today:

:: Snow

:: Snow melting into big puddles

:: Grass, and girls who play in the grass. Girls without coats who play in the grass

:: New growth on the thyme plant in the slushy, snowy garden

:: Emerging daffodils

:: Bold, beautiful flowers on the orchid indoors

See you soon! Have a great weekend.


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