Tomorrow is a big day for our family... we leave for the airport, for Orlando, for Disney World! We'll be spending the week with Jeff's family, and it will be the first time in years that Jeff and I have visited Disney World (separately, back in the day), and it'll be the first time the girls will see it. They have no idea what to expect. How could they fathom something that is beyond their wildest dreams? They ask me, "Will there be a bouncy house there? Will there be a carousel there? Will there be a ferris wheel there?" Oh, little do they know! More, more, more!

I think I've got the food allergy paranoia under control... to the extent that I can. My purse contains the following items: epi-pen jr.; children's benadryl; prednisone, tagamet and hydroxyzine (in children's dosages); band-aids; bubble-gum (because liquid tagamet tastes horrible); my driver's license; credit card; sunglasses and lipstick. Yeah, I'm ready for a vacation.

I've asked so many people what they recommend seeing in Orlando. The answers I've gotten are all over the place. "I hated Animal Kingdom; Animal Kingdom was the BEST! Don't see It's a Small World; My kids LOVED the Epcot countries! Why isn't It's a Small World on your list? Don't see the countries at Epcot; go to see the princesses; my kids were scared of the princesses..." and on and on. When I put the answers in perspective, it all makes sense. Our vet loved Animal Kingdom. Very small children were scared of princesses. Older homeschooled children loved the countries at Epcot. And really, who likes It's a Small World? I have a list of attractions I think the girls would like to see, and we'll see what works for us.

I'm gone for a week, and I may or may not bring my camera. I may or may not post. No matter what, I'll be back with a full Disney report next week. Allergy and attraction reports in full! Stay tuned!

See you very soon. Have a wonderful week!


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