Erma and Grace

:: 'H' and 'A' at the library ::

Oh my, I've stumbled upon the photo apps for my new phone! I can take photos and apply all kinds of filters to them. Today I'm using Retro Camera by Urbian. I can see how this can get addictive awfully quickly.

:: Erma ::

I've had two days in a row of bad news about our cats, Erma and Grace. I posted yesterday about Erma's failing kidneys. Today the doctor called me with the results from Grace's bloodwork and said that her thyroid levels look too high, and since her heartbeat was very high yesterday, even for a nervous cat, combined with the fact that she's lost weight, I might want to consider a second test to determine conclusively if she has an overactive thyroid. The vet has a gut feeling that it's a serious problem. I ordered the test.

If Grace does have an overactive thyroid, I'm not prepared to send her for surgery or give her medicine daily for the rest of her life. I'm not prepared to say good-bye to her, either. When reality hit yesterday about the end of Erma's life, I thought how lucky we are to have Grace to help us get through this. I wasn't planning on losing Grace, too.

Over the years, I've given thought to Life After the Cats. I know that they'll die someday. I know that I'll want to get another pet, because I like to live with animals. I've never owned a dog, but part of me would like to have one. Maybe a standard poodle. Or maybe another cat. I would love a Maine Coon Cat. They're loving and they're wonderful hunters. The hard part about getting a pet after losing one is that I half expect the new one to replace the old one. But in reality, they don't. They're completely different, as they should be.

:: Grace ::

I still have to sit down with our holistic vet and talk about all of this. I'm trying to not be emotional right now, but the knowledge that my cats are ill and I can't make them well again is painful for me. I'm here to be their caretaker and companion as they make their final journey. I'm trying to not think about the hole they will leave in my life, how I'll miss the physical closeness, the fresh smell of their fur, the sound of their purr, the sense of trust they have with me, and all the years that have gone into our relationships. But I can't help feeling very sad.


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