I had wondered how we would all recover from the death of our cat, Erma, and as it turns out, we're doing quite well. The girls miss her but have moved on. I find myself turning to say something to her before remembering she's not there, but those moments are disappearing quickly. From a housework point of view, it's significantly easier now that she's not here. She required a lot of care that had to be done on schedule. But would I do it all over again if we could have her back? Sure.

Speaking of housework, I am back to feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that need to get done on a daily basis. Not all of it relates to homemaking, but the things that weigh my spirit down right now do. I need to make some changes. Here's a short list off the top of my head:

1. The girls cannot continue to play, play, play without cleaning up, cleaning up, cleaning up throughout the day. I simply cannot handle the mess. Hmmm, "mess" isn't exactly the appropriate term. To them, the toys and objects that are left all over the house are props in their detailed, dramatic play. But I'll tell you, when it's bedtime and I'm tired, it looks like one big mess to me.

2. Laundry. Let's face it: I hate doing it, folding it, and putting it away. This job needs to be delegated to my husband and children ASAP.

3. 'A's habit of collecting things. This girl LOVES to collect objects. All kinds, from anywhere. I tolerate it for a while, then something happens and I feel like I'm pushed over the edge. Last week when I found that the greasy fishing *component* (or whatever it's called) that she found in the woods had left a stain on the carpet, I had one of those moments. She collects things and weaves them into her play. When I talk about this, people come up with all kinds of helpful suggestions. Oh yes, I've done many of them. She has a big case that matchbox cars come in, and she stores her collection in there. When that gets full (and it has), we glue the collection to a piece of sturdy cardboard so she can see all of her objects and have more room in the case for more *stuff*. We hang things up and display them. And still she brings more collectible items into the home. The worst are the cough drop and candy wrappers. Tell me, who needs a collection of wrappers?

I am overloaded with a number of other things right now too, but those things are either enjoyable (like all of the volunteer and paid work I do, or the gardening that will soon commence in earnest) or they are impossible to change (like the on-going, low-level stress that comes with living with a child with life-threatening food allergies). I can manage just fine if I get rid of the most frustrating pieces of the puzzle.

In the meantime, it finally feels like spring in our neck of the woods, and that, my friend, goes a long way with me.

:: I love sandbox hands! ::

:: Strawberries ::

:: Garlic coming up! ::


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