So tell me, where does the time go? It's flying by so fast for me right now. I've got my hands in a lot of pots, so that factors into it. It's birthday season for us ('H': March 8; 'A': April 9; Me: April 14; Jeff: April 20), followed by Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary. It's spring, and the ground is thawing, so we're busy with yard clean-up and gardening. I'm involved with UU congregation activities. I'm educating my children. Managing the household. Comforting the cats. Feeding the birds.

This whirlwind of activity seemed to come on strong, and after it started, I shed my 20th century skin and welcomed some 21st century technology with open arms. I'm what you might call a "late adopter" of technology. I had a flip cell phone that I barely used, and I wondered why people would ever want to text each other when texting seemed so cumbersome. I didn't store music on any device - the radio was just fine for me. I checked my email when I was home and connected to the internet between loads of laundry. At some point I started to realize that I wanted to be able to connect to the internet while I was out and about, and perhaps it would be nice to have my email available then too. I went to the Verizon store and picked out a Droid X. I love it! My technology-hip husband has brought me up to speed very quickly: when I get into my car now, I can listen to Pandora or my stored music through the radio, and when I make calls, I can hear the conversation through the car speakers. At home I can plug my phone into the TV or the stereo to listen to music or look at photos. I have to say, I love being wired! I never thought I would. I think I can keep my old fashioned values but still live in a modern world. Nice.

To top it all off, my brother in law and his girlfriend got me a Kindle for my birthday. A Kindle! I had never seen one in "real life" and I was surprised by how easy it is on my eyes. I'm thinking about which book to buy first...

In the meantime, I'm enjoying a book that my friend and fellow blogger Erika introduced me to... which has lead me to a new way of looking at bread and, dare I say, has given me a new outlook on life: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Wow. Super easy, super delicious. I'll say it again: Wow!

I've also been practicing my cake decorating "skills" - or rather, displaying my lack of cake decorating skills. I decorated this covered wagon cake for 'A's birthday last weekend, then tried a round cake for my birthday a few days ago. The covered wagon cake turned out great - the round cake, not so much. Jeff's birthday is in a few days, so I have yet another chance to see what I can do with a pastry bag full of frosting. We had a nice family party for 'A' and in a few weeks she'll have her friends come over to celebrate.

Did I also mention that I continue to work at the farmer's market every other Saturday and I'm working on developing a few websites too. Life goes on. Things need to get done; people are here to be appreciated, noticed & loved; my little girls want to be read to and played with; food needs to be cooked; the house loves to be cleaned; the church is counting on my energy. Somehow I manage to do just enough of these things to feel like I'm contributing to the greater good.


Erika Says:

I'm so glad you like the book! That cake looks awesome too.

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