Birds, birds, birds

Our home is buzzing with excitement. First of all, I went to the BEST food swap last night. I spent time with people who love good food just like I do. Wow, it was refreshing. When I get my photos together I'll post a full review for you - tomorrow sounds like a good time to do that.

We also have some excitement in the Bird department.

We've been watching a new mystery bird at the feeder for about two weeks. It's larger than a house finch and smaller than a cardinal. Bright red at the head, and red all the way to the tail. Big beak. Brown and white striped wings. I've been looking at the bird book, wondering what it could be. Today I identified it: a Purple Finch. I told my mother, another bird watcher, and she said she's only seen one in her life (amazing, considering she's spent her life looking at birds). This is very exciting!

That's not all for our bird news. I realized late last night that a house finch had built a nest in the hanging plant outside the front door. This is at once fascinating and a huge inconvenience. We've watched finches lay eggs before, watched the babies hatch, and then watched them learn to fly. I look forward to doing that again. But having it at our door means we have a moral obligation to not use the front door or make a lot of noise near the door until the babies are out of the nest. The things we do for the birds around here.

I stood up on a chair and snapped a photo of the eggs. Yes, they're house finch eggs... two of them are, anyway. The third egg belongs to a cowbird. Cowbirds don't build their own nests or sit on their eggs - they lay their eggs in another nest. Sometimes they take out an egg that belongs in the nest and replace it with their own. I believe this happened here! Yesterday, 'H' and 'A' found a cracked finch egg on the driveway of all places. It had a yolk and everything in it. Now if I had mischievous children, I might believe that they found a nest and took out an egg. But my children wouldn't do that. I swear. Besides, they're too short to reach a finch nest. Now, how would that egg have ended up on my driveway? I believe a cowbird took it out of the house finch nest and replaced it with her own, then dropped the egg away from the nest. Sneaky.

Fun stuff. This is about as exciting as I like my life to get.


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