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I'm getting organized. I know, getting organized is so boring, it's an old, sad story. It goes like this: I get organized, then disorganized, then organized again, then disorganized again. I'm getting sick of it too. But I'm back in the saddle and trying again to get organized, so here it goes.

My basic problem is that I'm overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things I have to do. It is simply amazing to me that I devote very few hours of the day to paid work, and still I have too much to do. I would think that someone like me would have more time to... I don't know, sit down perhaps? Relax?

I don't, and I know why. Culprit #1: I don't say "No" enough. I'm working on it. Culprit #2: I have too many interests. I get scattered and my time slips away in so many directions. Culprit #3: I make all of our food from scratch. That takes time. Culprit #4: Let's face it, I like to be busy.

With all of that in mind, I've decided to organize my time differently. Maybe this is the answer! (Or not, I know it's not. But it's fun to dream) I've decided to break the weekdays up and write about certain things on certain days. Here is what you can look forward to hearing about around here:

Monday Meal Planning: What's cooking here this week?

Tuesday: Free day (you'll hear about whatever is on my mind that day)

Homeschool Wednesday: What lessons are the girls learning?

Organized Thursday: Despite the fact that I say I'm disorganized, my home, kitchen and life are actually pretty well organized. I'll tell you what's working in that department.

Life Lessons Friday: This is a sticky, tricky one. This gets to the heart and soul of me. Lately I have found that no matter how I say things, sometimes I feel I'm not being heard by the people I'm talking to. Other people who are around in my life hear me loud and clear and they think what I have to say makes sense. But the people I'm trying to talk to aren't listening. I'm starting to feel frustrated, and I hate that feeling. I've decided that on Fridays I'll write about this frustration, or write about what I want to say (that isn't being heard), and hopefully this will help me to feel better.

So stay tuned!


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