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So here it is, the weekend, and I realize that I have not sat down to have a moment of rest all week. I've been planning 'A's "Little House on the Prairie" birthday party (which was yesterday), helping out with the plant sale at church (which will be held tomorrow), keeping up with my volunteer duties at church, sneaking in some website work when I can (I've got a site to work on full force next week), and between schooling for the girls and cooking for my family, I keep very busy. Interestingly enough, the very things that tire me out also give me energy and keep me going. How does that happen?

'A's party was a lot of fun. I'll give you an outline of what I did to make is as "old-fashioned" as possible. If you Google "Little House on the Prairie" party, you'll get a million ideas.

This party of was one of our last events with corn. 'A' is still so upset that she's allergic to it and we're phasing it out gently. I served popcorn, carrot sticks, hot dogs (I buy all beef hot dogs from the grocery store. I know nothing about buying meat because I don't eat it), turkey, and corn chips. They drank lemonade - lots of lemonade!

I'll start by saying that I am NOT a very good cake decorator! That said, I made a covered wagon cake, using Newman's cookies for wheels, crushed graham crackers for the dirt road, and licorice strings for the cattle reins. To make the rounded wagon cover, I used a small aluminum foil loaf pan and rounded the bottom by molding it around a glass jar. Since it had a rounded bottom and wouldn't sit straight in the oven, I put it into a second loaf pan, the way you would put a double boiler together. The second loaf pan served as the "holder" so that it would sit straight on the oven rack.

Games & play time:
Three-legged race
Carry the egg on a spoon and a bucket of water without spilling it
Wash "laundry" with washboards
Play in the sandbox, in the woods, and on the swings
Pin the tail on the donkey

Pa's fiddle music, of course!

We had a lot of fun and most of all, 'A' loved every moment of it. Now our whirlwind weekend continues as we transport plants across town from the greenhouse to the church. Have a good Saturday, and I'll see you soon.


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