Homeschool Wednesday

As I've said recently, we're more of an unschooling family than anything else. That means we don't follow a specific curriculum but instead take opportunities to learn as they come our way. This week our resident House Finch family that built a nest in the hanging plant at our front door has been the inspiration for learning more about birds. The girls and I checked out a few library books in hopes of finding answers to the following questions:

How does the mother lay eggs?
Do other birds move into the nest after one bird family is done with it?
What do newly hatched birds eat?
How long do birds live?
Why do birds such as cowbirds lay their eggs in another bird's nest?

I also found this fantastic online resource that outlines an activity for building a nest.

Using the books, the nest outside our door and a naturalist class or two, we'll find out the answers to these questions.


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