Homeschool Wednesday

I was working with 'A' on a number of projects today and thought I would snap a quick photo of our table. Oak leaves for a leaf collecting project; a book about space; shrinky dink paper and colored pencils; spelling lessons. It's not unusual for the table to be covered with a number of in-progress projects.

We spent the morning at home but originally had other plans: we were supposed to wake up bright and early and head to the Adirondacks to the Warren County Fish Hatchery with home school friends for a class. Today's thunderstorms kept us all away.

Here's something that falls under the "interesting but not surprising" category. In the last week, while I've been trying to keep a low profile in order to heal, I've found that the quality of my parenting has gone up dramatically. The girls and I usually have good days, but there are times of the day when the tension rises: leaving the house and trying to get somewhere on time and cleaning up toys are the main ones. But this past week, the tense moments simply aren't popping up. For starters, we haven't had to be anywhere on time because I've cancelled all of our outings. But it's more than that. The girls have been a pure pleasure to be with, all day, every day. They've been so caring, creative and responsible. And responsive. They're both quick to use problem-solving skills when they encounter something that frustrates or confuses them. When they can't figure something out on their own, they ask me for help instead of whining and demanding a solution. Wow, I can't tell you what a difference this shift makes for our family harmony.

I'm sure that part of it relates to the fact that I've slowed down. I'm feeling more relaxed, playful and spontaneous, and they pick up on that. The lesson is, what's good for mom is good for the children, and what's good for the children is good for the whole family.


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