Monday Meal Planning

Seeing how the meals I planned last week didn't go over well with my family (new dishes are tough on the girls), I'm opting for tried and true favorites this week.

Jeff and Me: Pecan Mushroom Veggie Burgers on salad
'A': Pasta with olive oil and broccoli
'H': Peanut butter with blueberry jam and crackers, broccoli

Jeff and Me: Salad pizza (my all time favorite meal. I make a crust with tomato sauce and top it with a greek salad.)
'A': Pizza crust with hummus, broccoli
'H': Cheese pizza, broccoli

Jeff and Me: Stir fry with brown rice, chinese cabbage, mushrooms, green garlic, broccoli, and carrots. Tofu or shrimp? Hopefully I'll have enough pac choi from my garden to make a hearty salad as a side dish
'A': Brown rice, cooked carrots and roasted chickpeas
'H': Roasted chickpeas, raw carrots and cooked mushrooms

Jeff, Me and 'H': Zucchini burgers on a bun with sweet potato baked fries and a salad
'A': Mashed sweet potatoes, rice from last night, and ...?

Who knows?

I'm still figuring out meal options for 'A' now that we're omitting corn, sesame, cumin and peas. I'll say it again - corn is in everything it seems, and omitting it from her diet is hard. She used to eat pizza crust with tofutti cream cheese (gross, I know, but way better than the soy cheese alternative in my opinion). Tofutti products contain corn, so I don't purchase them anymore. I gently switched 'A' over to hummus on her pizza instead of cream cheese. I had to come up with a new hummus recipe and so far she thinks it's delicious.

Hummus for someone who is allergic to tahini and cumin

Add to the food processor:

Chickpeas (I generally use canned chickpeas. The organic cans don't contain BHT, a chemical that Goya adds to their canned chickpeas.)

Some garlic (a clove or two?)

Some lemon juice (1/4 cup? the juice of one lemon maybe)

Salt (a pinch)

Sunflower butter: start by adding a teaspoon, blending it in, and seeing how it tastes. The Sunflower butter acts like tahini, thickening up the hummus and adding an earthy depth.

Blend and taste. Voila! You have hummus. Sort of.


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