Monday Meal Planning

Now that our CSA share has started up for the summer, I'm having trouble planning meals for the week. I like to plan my meals on Monday, but I pick up my vegetables on Wednesday, and I don't know what I'll receive until that day when I actually get my box. This makes meal planning a bit challenging. I could switch to meal planning on Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings, but it goes against my way of doing things, so I won't.

I know what I would like to serve all week - PASTA. These antibiotics are really hurting my stomach and I find that taking them with pasta helps a lot. Truthfully though, there are only so many dinners in a row that I can serve pasta and still be excited about it. So here we go:

Jeff and me: tilapia, asparagus, roasted red potatoes
'A': Sliced Turkey, pita chips, asparagus, a bite of tilapia
'H': Hot dogs, pita chips, roasted red potatoes, asparagus, a bite of tilapia

Jeff and me: vegan Hoppin' John with collard greens
'A' & 'H': Hopefully vegan Hoppin' John

Jeff and me: Chickpea Tacos
'A' & 'H': Hopefully Chickpea Tacos

Jeff and me: Salad Pizza
'A': Pizza with hummus and carrots
'H': Pizza with tomato sauce and cheese

Meal planning gets more and more challenging as time goes on. What do other parents feed their children?


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