Monday Meal Planning

Summer is here... how can I tell? My desire to cook is kicking in. I worked at the farmer's market on Saturday and the Kilpatrick Family Farm stand was jam packed with so many different kinds of exciting vegetables. I wanted to buy them all and cook them up. In my mind, everything had the potential to be turned into a delicious meal. But I have so many vegetables in my kitchen from my weekly CSA box and I just can't justify getting any more. I stood there selling those wonderful vegetables, thinking about all the meals I could whip up, and wished I could spend a week cooking.

It feels sooo good to get some zip back in my step.

The only problem with the desire to cook again is that I want to make flavorful dishes with interesting ingredients and my children don't feel as excited about that as I do. So, what am I going to feed my children this week?

Jeff and me: Linguine with grilled fennel and sun-dried tomatoes, salad
'A': pasta with olive oil and a vegetable
'H': hot dog with a vegetable

Jeff and me: Chickpea spinach stew (in addition to some other goodies - that's our contribution to a potluck dinner we're attending)
'A' & 'H': roasted chickpeas, carrots

Jeff and me: Garlicky white bean puree with sauteed beet greens, salad with roasted beets, goat cheese and walnuts
'A' & 'H': Middle Eastern stuffed lentil bread (if they like it and it's easy to make, it'll become a staple in our house)

Everyone: Coconut soynut butter & banana stuffed vegan french toast


While I cook this week, Jeff will be preparing the gazebo for screens and a screen door. Finally we're undertaking this project to screen in the porch! I love our home and our backyard and the only thing that's missing is a place to sit outdoors in the evening without the threat of being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. You know what I mean.

Jeff has never done a project like this before, so after he took apart the existing railing and got the gazebo down to bare studs, we called my stepfather for help. Dick is a very handy person and we knew he would know just what to do next. We were lucky that he and mom could make the trip over this past weekend. Jeff now has "homework" to do to prepare the gazebo for their next trip - in 2 weeks - when they'll hang the door and finish up the screening. And then we'll all sit down inside and enjoy it!

Until then, my favorite late afternoon relaxation spot has been taken over by lumber and boxes of nails.


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