Organized Thursday

Truth be told, I have no right to write anything about being organized on a day like today. I'm feeling like my desk is a little messy, my dishes are a bit too dirty, and I'm afraid I'll be running late for a meeting I have tonight. Well, isn't that what life is sometimes about? When things feel hugely unorganized, I do a few small things to make myself feel like I'm back in the driver's seat.

Here's my top 5 list of little things that make me feel like I have my act together (especially when I don't).

1. Clean out the car. Spend 3 minutes picking up trash (scraps of paper, junk mail, etc) and 1 minute putting all of the things that need to go inside in a totebag (and bring the totebag in later).

2. Plan dinner menus for the next 2 or 3 evenings and make a list of what ingredients are needed. It takes so little time and it clears my head.

3. Clean off the [insert word here: coffee table, dinner table, your desk, your dresser]. Sometimes when I see a lot of clutter, I feel overwhelmed and it makes me feel even worse. If it's piled high with things that need attention, straighten up those piles, put them in a big bag/box/basket, and enjoy looking at the clean surface of your furniture.

4. Have an "Active" folder or basket and use it. I have a folder in which all of the things I absolutely need to tend to are placed. Bills, sign up forms, papers I'll need to reference are all there. Things that cannot get lost, forgotten about, or swept under the rug. Spend a minute adding things to the folder or flipping through it to see what needs to be done. Knowing that the important things are in one place, even if I don't look at them every day, gives me peace of mind.

5. Unplug and think positive thoughts. Turn off the news, close your browser, don't look at your email for a few minutes. Think of someone important to you, past or present, and what you love about them. What would they be proud of if they saw you today? What are you proud of? Feel good about yourself!


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