Monday Meal Planning: Vows and Promises to Myself

Blueberry season is here, my favorite time of year. My mother was here for the weekend and we picked almost 10 pounds at a local farm. Today I'll be making the blueberry-basil jam I tried last year for the first time.

This is also the time of year when I start feeling swamped with produce, so I set down a few rules to follow as I plan out meals.

Jillian's Rules for Summer Meal Planning

* Basil makes great pesto. Make a lot of it, then freeze it. Use pesto as a main ingredient in summer dishes no more than once a week, preferably less. Save it for the winter, when that fresh taste is not only welcomed, but greatly needed. Use fresh summer basil to accent the other flavors in a dish.

* There are so many types of produce available in the summer. Make tried and true favorites a few nights a week, and experiment with new recipes the rest of the time.

* Don't let vegetables go to waste. Turn extra veggies into veggie burgers or pizza toppings, or cook, puree and freeze them for use in muffins or sauces in the winter. (I like to do this with summer squash and beets)

* Experiment with new salad recipes.

Now onto meal planning for the week. I've got:

Beet Greens
Pac Choi
Red Potatoes
Swiss Chard
Garlic Scapes

Recipes I'll try:

A Middle Eastern menu, including Liz's Garlic Scape Tzatsiki, pita bread, Israeli couscous, chickpeas and purslane.

Sarah's White Pizza, using turnips and swiss chard or beet greens, with a Pac Choi salad on the side.

Frittata with swiss chard and red potatoes.


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