Tomatoes: now you see 'em, now you don't...

Denison Farm was under water during and after Irene. No CSA share this week because there is too much to clean up and not enough to harvest. I went today to pick up some tomatoes and see Justine. It's very sad.

Before and After (last year and today):

These creek stones in the next photos are supposed to be in the creek, which was behind me in this photo. They're not supposed to be mingling with the broccoli across the dirt road.

Michael's land and crops have suffered too. Our food supply just tightened up considerably. My feeling of security and safety is compromised. As with everything, things will be okay... right? I'll share with you the letter I sent to Justine expressing my thoughts about why I am a CSA member.

“You were talking last week about asking what CSA means to the members. I think it’s a great time to ask that question. It’s easy to answer it when times are good and plentiful and secure. What about now, when we may not see very much of anything in our weekly share? What does CSA mean then? Why do we do this? Why do I support you & eating locally?

I could go to Price Chopper and buy my peppers and tomatoes but I don’t and even if all of yours are gone for the season – which I am sure they aren’t - I won’t. I’ll go without. I’ve gotten nice and fat eating all of your good food and this may be the season I lose that weight (!). I know that next year things will be new again and the growing season will start up with great promise, and I support you because I have faith in the natural process and the growing season. I trust you and Brian and all of your crew to learn what you can about growing and use that knowledge to be good stewards to the plants. I trust you to hold on to a piece of Mother Nature that is being stolen away by developers. I expect you to live the life you want to live, just as I want to live the life I want to live, and I want to support you in doing so. I do this because I believe that even when times are bad, it won’t kill me, it won’t make me a worse person, and I won’t suffer more than I need to.

I invest in you because I am investing in my food system (which is always better than conventional agriculture even when floods take over), I am investing in our local land, and I’m investing in you, and with all of this, I’m investing in our future. So that is why I do it.”

Watch the news video:

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