On these days when I don't have the focus, energy or patience to find inspiration within myself, when I can't create my own positive reality, I look to others to give me a boost. Today I found exactly what I needed. Take a look at Liz's hens and Amanda's honeybees. I've got to sharpen my dreams a bit and add hens and bees to my life. More and more I find myself wishing I had them in my own big backyard. Until then, I'll keep reading about others who do.


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My name is Jillian. I started this blog as a way to experiment with my camera and it's a become a nice little spot where I enjoy spending time. I'm a mother to 6 and 4 year old daughters, wife to a cool computer guy, and mama to a cuddly cat. We enjoy eating local, organic food; managing several food allergies; homeschooling with love; spending time in nature; and we love to take time each day to be creative. You can also find me over at From Scratch Club from time to time. Welcome!