Snow here! It's almost unbelievable. We don't have snow this early. I mean, it isn't even Halloween yet. Our first flakes don't usually hit until November or December. Because of the snow, I spent today fielding questions such as, "Are we going to have Christmas soon instead of Halloween?" "Is this winter?" "Will the snow stay for a while so we can play in it everyday?"

No, the snow didn't stay for a while. After the girls made 2 good-sized snowmen it melted. Watching them play in the snow today reminded me of when I was a child living in Maryland. When it snowed the grass would poke through the layer of flakes. We would go out and play, slide down the hill on sleds, and make snowmen. We loved it. What fun we had playing in less than an inch of snow!

I don't mind seeing the snow at all this early. I love tracking the animals that run through our yard. This morning I found evidence of only one - a red fox.

Things here are moving along at a very comfortable pace. We're selling our home and still looking for the right place to live. It's all unfolding just as it should. Overall I believe that the process is taking us where we are supposed to be. Sometimes I panick and get nervous about it. What are we doing? We're leaving our current home so that we can pursue a dream that is still in its infancy. We're uprooting everything we know and trusting that it will all work out. It's scary and at the same time exciting. This is a good thing for our family.

To gear up for the year ahead, when I'll hopefully be a mama to a hive or two of honeybees, I'm taking a beekeeping class held by the Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association. Now if I could just find a class on raising laying hens, I'll be all set.

The nasturtium may be gone...

...but the oak tree is just coming into its glory! What color!


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