I've been:
Getting ready to move, tending the home we are in now as we say good bye to it, and doing the usual in the way of teaching 'A' and 'H' some of what they need to know to grow into responsible adults. French class, reading lessons, and lessons in loading the washing machine have been taking place today.

'A' choked on dinner the other night and it was a l-o-n-g choking episode. At least it seemed that way. Jeff hovered while I called the emergency personnel. By the time I was talking on the phone, she was fine. But still, it seemed like an eternity. Nothing makes your heart beat faster and your head spin harder than watching your child struggle for air. We're glad it's behind us, and are aware that we need a few extra life-saving skills under our belts. Even though we have a good idea of what to do, it's good to have confidence that we can handle what comes our way. Today I'm counting my blessings and keeping my children close. They're alive, and that's all that matters.

I realize I've been away from this space for far too long. I've gone through a multitude of emotions these past few months. Finally I'm coming back to a place of comfort, a place where things seem more normal. It feels good to not feel depressed or angry or anxious. It feels good to feel happy and excited again. I like to look forward to a bright future, and I can finally see one in front of me. When The Noise first started and I realized it wasn't going to stop, I had my first real taste of, "this is an inhumane living environment and I cannot believe people live like this. Not me!" Then I banded together with neighbors and we protested. We made our voice heard. We got the company that was making The Noise to undertake a construction project to muffle it. It's supposed to be done at the end of this month, and most days I think it might work.

In the meantime, we decided to put our far-off dreams into action, and we listed our home for sale. Oh, the wondering that went on! Will it sell? We may love our home (and we do, we just don't love The Noise), but would someone else love it enough to buy it? I cannot say it enough: we love our home. And guess what? Someone else loves it too, enough to buy it. What a relief! Knowing that someone was going to buy our home meant that we were free to look for another home. And look, we did. We saw A LOT of homes. Big, little, expensive, less expensive, well-built, cheaply built. Large lots with acreage, small lots with no room to grow. I fell in love with a farmhouse on a big plot of land but the Universe had other plans and someone else is buying that home. Then, the day after Thanksgiving we went to see a home I had been eyeing for a few while, a beautiful old home in a tiny village close by. Once we stepped inside we knew that it's everything we want and more.

I had my mental list that I would carry with me to each house I saw. The only "must" I had was a sunny spot for a garden. The "would be nice" list was long. A room near the kitchen for my desk, sewing machine, crafting projects, homeschooling table; a guest room; a dining room; and most of all, a sense of character. Our new home will have all of that. Somehow it's all working out...

... we think. With 6 weeks to go until we move, I shouldn't jinx it. I'll just continue to put my positive energy out to the universe and trust that what is right will happen.


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