Chicken Love!

In 5 weeks, 5 days I'll be moving in my new home and we'll start to assemble the things we'll need to build a chicken coop. I'll order the chicks, find out what kind of feed and supplies I'll need to keep them warm and healthy, and the fun will begin. I hope.

A few days ago I took the whole family (plus a few extended family members) to visit our friend and local state park naturalist at her home. She keeps chickens in her backyard and she gave us a crash course in becoming a mother hen. It was a great experience - sometimes I get ideas to start something new without fully understanding what it all entails (if you ask me, I think that's the best attitude to have. How many things wouldn't I have started if I knew what was truly involved?). Alli showed us how her coop was built, what food she gives her hens, how to hold them, how to take care of them through the seasons, and she talked about the life cycle of a laying hen. I left her home feeling energized and excited about raising my own hens. I couldn't wait to find out about coop plans and hatcheries. I'm really looking forward to having a few of my own chickens!

Alli loaned me this book by Jenna Woginrich and recommended I check out this hatchery for my chicks. I've browsed coop construction plans online but haven't settled on one yet (the final plan has to be approved by Jeff, because he'll be building it). I'm thinking about where in the yard to put the coop (in a sunny spot downstream of the well?). I'm dreaming about picking up the soft, warm birds. I'm wondering what their names will be. I've got chickens on the brain!


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