Getting ready for the next step

:: Homeschooling writing lesson. Apparently we use the bafroom in our home. ::

I've been preparing for the next step in our family journey. The preparation is half physical, half emotional. We are selling our home, the place where our memories have been born and nurtured for almost six years now. The only home my children have known. The fact that it sold so quickly in this housing market is incredible. Almost as incredible is the fact that we found a home we would like to live in, and if everything goes smoothly, we'll be living there at the end of January.

Our criteria for a new home were steep. We wanted a place with a big sunny spot for a big garden, and a place for chickens and honeybees; closer to Jeff's place of employment, and close to our current social networks. We wanted to find a house we would love to call "home", and that's not easy. I think though that we finally did it. I LOVE the house we are going to buy. I can't wait for you to see it too.

To prepare, I've been learning about tending honeybees and chickens, packing up our belongings, talking with the girls about moving, pushing paper around relating to mortgages, contracts, septic and well inspections, and the like. I've been doing my own mental preparation too. I try to absorb the memories I want to carry forward, and say good-bye to the things in my home that I've taken for granted these past few years. Good-bye to the mightly oak, to the sage and mint plants, to the foxes and the deer. I'll miss my neighbors and my neighborhood, my drive around the lake, my trips to the farm to pick up our vegetables. I'll miss our library and the farm stand down the road.

I'm excited to go, but sad to leave. It's the right step for us at the right time, but it's hard to wade through the emotion sometimes.

You know who is going to look great in this new home? Grace. She has a regal presence, and so does the home. She will fit right in.

:: Grace ::


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