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I have to say, selling our home and finding a new one may have been (and still is, as we haven't closed on either house yet) the most stressful thing we've faced as a family in a while. Now that we can see the home stretch, I'm starting to relax a bit. I'm coming back to center, back to this space, back to my world.

I've been:

:: admiring the brand-spanking-new E-book published by From Scratch Club, filled with do-it-yourself food projects like gluten-free pasta, limoncello, garlic greens, spice mixes, mustard and MORE! You'll find my recipe for homemade lotion in there as well. You can download it here. If you want to print it out, grab this glossy version for print. Go!

:: finding new homeschooling materials online. I love the day-to-day rhythm of our life without worksheets and drill, but deep down I'm an old fashioned girl and I do believe that some things we must learn by drill. Early math, handwriting, and sight words are some of those things (so are compass points, telling time, manners and social interaction skills but those will come). I found two websites that allow me to create math worksheets and handwriting worksheets for free and I like them a lot! The Math Worksheet Site allows you to customize worksheets for your child. Let me point out that I really don't like worksheets. The word makes my skin crawl. BUT I do believe that math worksheets have a place. Basic math is all memorization. Completing worksheets helps store answers to math problems in our memory for years and years.

Handwriting Worksheets are useful for teaching that ancient skill of handwriting. I know, everyone types these days, no one pays attention to handwriting. Even my own handwriting has gone downhill significantly since the dawn of the computer age. I do believe that everyone should have an opportunity to learn good handwriting skills and decide if they like to write and if so, if they like to write legibly. Perhaps my children will decide that they don't want to handwrite anything, but if so at least I gave them the opportunity to decide.

:: making bread, and more bread. I made Liz's sandwich bread today and am looking forward to piling cheese and homemade tomato jam on it for grilled cheese sandwiches tonight. I changed a few things in her recipe - I ran out of oatmeal, so I used bulgur wheat as the hearty grain; and I used one egg instead of 2. So far, so good. It's a good recipe, and I recommend you try it.

:: waiting for us all to come down with colds. I'm exhausted, 'A' looks like someone painted purple eyeshadow around her eyes, and 'H' is whinier than usual. She even melted down when I checked the mail today and found nothing for her in the box. Yup, it's coming. I'll be amazed if it isn't.

I'm back, and I'll see you soon!


A of Little Alexander Says:

Good luck with your closing! We've been in our new home for almost a year now, and can hardly remember the stress of the process (I'm only sort of exaggerating). But we think about what a great place our new home is all the time. You'll be on that other side in no time :)

Mama Jillian Says:

Thank you for sharing a little sanity with me! I do need it. I'm glad you made it to the other side and love it there. Can't wait.

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