A New Blog!

Hi there,
I've decided to set up a new blog to go with my new move. You can find me at the Village Homestead doing all of my usual stuff and more. Head on over! Welcome!


Learning to Sew


Spending a little time sewing today. As I sit by waiting to fix tangled stitches and rethread needles, I try to quiet the inner voice that is begging me to start up a project of my own. Be patient, I tell myself. Before I start anything new I need to make sure 'A' has a firm footing in the world of fabric, thread and needles. She loves to create and until now has been most comfortable creating with paper. It's time for her to learn a new skill and I think sewing is it. Once she sees her creations come together she'll be excited to whip up presents for her dolls and her sister. I'm hoping she'll also have fun raiding my scrap fabric basket and stop raiding my printer paper drawer so often. One can hope, right?

The sewing kit was a gift from her grandparents and is an Alex Toy product. It has several handiwork projects that call for sewing and crochet skills. There's a book included that illustrates different types of stitches. 'A' picked out the stuffed doggie project and slowly but surely she's working her way toward finishing it.

'H' is practicing her stitches using a plastic canvas, craft thread and a tapestry needle. She draws the picture on the canvas, then fills it in with stitches.

Have I mentioned how good it feels to unpack, settle in, and fall back into comfortable routines? It does.





One of the things that excites me about this new home of ours is that we have a dedicated space for homeschooling and crafting. When we started looking for a home I said I wanted a room that was close to the kitchen where we could paint, learn and sew. And I wanted it to double as my office. I made the request out loud (for the universe to hear) and after looking at many houses I came to realize that I was asking for a lot - maybe too much. How many houses really have a spare room near the kitchen? Not many.

This house has a bright and cheery room that we're using for our learning and crafting. I love it. Although it is certainly not the most elegant and beautiful room in the house, it is one of my favorite, because it holds so much hope and possibilities for the future.

Now that the room is set up, it feels good to use it! 'A's homeschooling quarterly report for the school district was due yesterday. When I sat down to fill in the things she's been learning these past few months I wanted to write, "She spent a lot of time building intricate lego sculptures while I packed our entire house into boxes." I didn't write it, but it's true.

Back to real life! I'm loving it.

Let the unpacking begin!

The unpacking has begun! I'm happy, tired, overwhelmed, grateful, and so much more, all of which is good. Here are some quick shots of our new homestead. I'll be back here before you know it... but after I unpack just one more box...

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My name is Jillian. I started this blog as a way to experiment with my camera and it's a become a nice little spot where I enjoy spending time. I'm a mother to 6 and 4 year old daughters, wife to a cool computer guy, and mama to a cuddly cat. We enjoy eating local, organic food; managing several food allergies; homeschooling with love; spending time in nature; and we love to take time each day to be creative. You can also find me over at From Scratch Club from time to time. Welcome!