One of the things that excites me about this new home of ours is that we have a dedicated space for homeschooling and crafting. When we started looking for a home I said I wanted a room that was close to the kitchen where we could paint, learn and sew. And I wanted it to double as my office. I made the request out loud (for the universe to hear) and after looking at many houses I came to realize that I was asking for a lot - maybe too much. How many houses really have a spare room near the kitchen? Not many.

This house has a bright and cheery room that we're using for our learning and crafting. I love it. Although it is certainly not the most elegant and beautiful room in the house, it is one of my favorite, because it holds so much hope and possibilities for the future.

Now that the room is set up, it feels good to use it! 'A's homeschooling quarterly report for the school district was due yesterday. When I sat down to fill in the things she's been learning these past few months I wanted to write, "She spent a lot of time building intricate lego sculptures while I packed our entire house into boxes." I didn't write it, but it's true.

Back to real life! I'm loving it.

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