Almost at the finish line

:: I'll miss this view ::

The rhythm of my daily life can be summed up like this: packing, packing, packing. I stop to read stories, make meals, run an errand or two... and then it's back to the boxes and packing tape. The girls have a box of legos, a box of Tinker Toys and their dolls to play with and nothing else. It's enough for them though, and with the living room furniture gone (we sold it because it won't fit up the narrow attic stairs to the family room in our new home) they are finding new corners in the house to explore.

I wish I could say I'm feeling peaceful and letting things unfold as they may. Instead I'm feeling restless. These in-between stages that we must go through in life are always very uncomfortable for me. I think back to when I was nearing the end of both of my pregnancies, and I see I felt very much the same way I do now. Wanting the future to present itself to me sooner than it's supposed to. Wanting the world to address my impatience. Feeling preoccupied with what is to come.

A little meditation and yoga would do me good, wouldn't it?

For the rest of today, I'll find simple pleasure in making two loaves of sandwich bread, challenge myself to make rice in a pan on the stove (I packed the rice cooker, and I've not had good success with stovetop rice), and take comfort in the company of my fellow UUs at a meeting tonight. I'll work on being mindful and feeling grateful instead of impatient.

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