This was our Saturday.

Jeff went to make a deal on a new car, and I spent the morning playing with the girls. They played with some buckets for a while, then we went to Congress Park to see what there was to see.

I brought along some food for the ducks. It's not okay to feed them, according to the city officials, but if you ask me, it's not okay to let them starve and get run over in the parking lots around town as they go out looking for food.

We didn't see any ducks in the park, so we didn't feed any. 'H' however spilled her entire container of Cheerios on the ground, so I guess that counts.

At the end of our journey, we went to McDonald's to buy some hearts to support the Ronald McDonald House. Kathy and Jillian were selling them. Jillian did a great job of asking the customers if they would like to buy a heart. It's good for children to grow up with the expectation that everyone will donate time, money or other resources to support a cause. That's what life is all about.

'A' and 'H' really liked the french fries I bought for them. We never go there because most of the meals have dairy in them, so it's hard to find anything on the menu for 'A'. Except french fries, of course!

We rounded out the day with a birthday party for a little boy who just turned 4, and then came home for our weekly movie night with popcorn.

Check out the bird nests in these trees. Pretty big nests. Pretty cool.

I've been really proud of Jeff during his car buying process. He really gave some thought to what he wanted in a car and what he could live without, salted it with a heavy dose of reality (meaning that he stuck to our agreed upon budget figures) and he was able to make a decision and work through the process in a way that made him comfortable. He bought a 2009 Ford Fusion. He likes the way it works with all of his techie gadgets, and he also likes knowing that he's doing his part to stimulate our American economy. As much as we throw around the possibility of moving to Canada because we sometimes can't bear the way Americans think and act, we are very pro-American at heart.

The girls are delicious now! Jeff reminds me that they are just about at my favorite ages - 2 and 4 years old. I remember how our days would flow just before 'H' was born. 'A' was a month shy of 2, and we had the greatest time together. Everything was so easy, effortless, and enjoyable. And now that 'H' is having her turn at a month shy of 2, I'm back in that groove. 2 year olds are worker bees. Finally, they can do things with purpose, and out of that comes an awesome sense of pride. 'H' loves that she can take her shoes off by herself and put them by the door. She hangs up her purse and takes it down, over and over again, just because she can. She goes to the bookshelf to pick out a story and she loves that she can do it by herself. She is unbelievably yummy!

And 'A'.... goodness, she is fast approaching that magical age. I love 4 year olds. Suddenly all of those connections in their brains start working, and they really understand things in a way that they never did before. And they know that it's all new and exciting for them. For me, a 4 year old holds all the optimism and creativity in the world, and none of the selfishness, doubt, shame or anger. It's a beautiful age. Being with a 4 year old makes you want to live life to the fullest, because they won't have it any other way.

'A's favorite game right now is "Where is...?" We play it over and over again, all day, every day. There are two versions. One is where she hides and everyone has to find her (or she asks one of us to hide, but usually she is the one who hides). Version 2 is where she hides an object and will ask, "Where could it be?" (and she encourages me to ask, too...). I'm sure there is some sort of logical psychological explanation for these games that ties them to her development, but I have absolutely no idea what it is, and I am just happy knowing that she really seems to enjoy this activity!

Life here is Good, with a capital "G".

Enjoy your day. As you're reading this, I am most likely searching for a hidden toy. Where could it be?


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