A late afternoon game: rolling a marble back and forth on the table...

Tuesday was much better than Monday, and today was better than all of the days combined. When my girls spend the day whining or crying or being mean, I always know that it's partly them and partly me. Our energy mixes together and their disposition is almost always related to the way I'm interacting with them. And vice versa.

We still have two works in progress laying around the house (I guess you could call them that): our bedroom, which is being finished up by Jeff in a speedy manner; and I still have these piles and closets full of baby clothing awaiting delivery to the consignment sale (Sunday they'll be gone!). In the meantime, the warm spring weather is here, so like it or not I've had to start work on the garden beds. I do like it. I added some manure and peat moss to the raised vegetable garden beds, moved some perennials around in the flower garden bed, weeded said bed (whew!) and as if that weren't enough, I spent the last three days turning over an 11' by 11' grassy patch of the backyard to make a new vegetable garden. Just me and my shovel. Today I finished it off by adding some manure and voila! A new garden. Nothing works the body like some good old fashioned gardening.

I'm doing all this work now in hopes of having some lazy, relaxing summer days to enjoy.


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