Moving forward

I cannot say it enough - the love and support we've received about 'A's allergies has been wonderful. Now I just need some advice about how to help her process the ER visit. She's so tough and stoic, but it's time for her to be vulnerable. She has woken up with bad dreams every night since we left the hospital. She never has bad dreams. She barely talks about it, and when she does it's only because I ask about how she's feeling. It was a scary experience, even for me and Jeff, and we're responsible adults! I can't imagine how scary it was from her perspective.

I did a little internet research and found out that the doctors at Johns Hopkins are doing some pretty amazing things to treat food allergies. That gave me the idea to take 'A' to Children's Hospital in Boston for a consultation (a closer drive for us, and I have relatives who live nearby). Who knows what kind of research they've been doing and what help they can offer us. I'll find out in January, when we go.

Here are some other things we've been up to:

Knitting fingerless mittens! I've got a deadline - Saturday morning - and these HAVE to be done and ready to wear. Michael has got us outside at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and it's going to be quite chilly that morning. I'll need the mittens so that I can help people pick out vegetables and make change and still keep the circulation in my hands going. I used a super-easy pattern and they knitted up fast.

I entered Christina's giveaway and am crossing my fingers that I'm the lucky winner. I would love a new cookbook bible! And check it out, she blogs about life with a food-allergic child.

Speaking of cookbooks, today I received my copy of A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen: Easy Seasonal Dishes for Family and Friends by Jack Bishop. I love this cookbook! When I first checked it out of the library, I thought it was too heavy with the cheese and egg recipes but overall I love it. Jeff and I have started eating small amounts of dairy and eggs and I don't mind making a delicious, separate dinner for us once in a while. And so many of his recipes are vegan or can be veganized easily.

I used this recipe for these cookies and tomorrow they'll be frosted and brought to a local nursing home for 'A's Daisy meeting. Mmmm.... cookies!

Finally, I took Erma back for some more acupuncture today and she started her biopuncture treatment. She's such a good cat.


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