Sunday Afternoon

Where did the week go? Where did yours go? I spent mine:

* Slowing down and reevaluating

* Cleaning out the closets - ALL the closets, and making a lot of trips to the thrift store to donate many of my unwanted items.

* Spending time with Erika, a friend and fantastic blogger. We cooked a gourmet dinner, drank the Beaujolais Nouveau, and talked about simplicity (one of our conclusions: Living Simply doesn't mean Easy Living)

* Decorating gingerbread houses with the 4-H kids (to be displayed during the Victorian Streetwalk in December, then placed at our local nursing home for the residents to enjoy)

* Keeping a close eye on Erma, who is having a lot of trouble getting around on her old, creaky legs. I'm going to call the feline acupuncturist tomorrow morning. It breaks my heart to watch her suffer.

* Watching 'A' count, add and subtract

* Getting close to my food source: I harvested Swiss Chard and Brussels Sprouts from our garden and worked at the farmer's market on Saturday morning.

* Starting a knitting project: a pair of fingerless gloves to wear during the cold and frosty hours at the market. I'm using the pattern from this book.

See you back here soon!


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