dandelions for snack time

After spending all these months walking past the dandelion greens in the grocery store, I decided to "harvest" the ones growing in our yard and see how they taste. They're not bad. Ours are young and tender. And I know for sure they're organic. They're loaded with vitamins A, E and K, calcium and iron. I made banana-dandelion smoothies for myself and the girls this afternoon. I liked it - I couldn't taste the dandelion at all. 'H' liked it until 'A' decided she didn't want it, and then 'H' of course didn't want it either.

Jeff got his xray results back and he didn't "break his butt" as I had thought. In fact, nothing is broken, which is great news. The only reason I thought he might have is because he fell a while back on his rear and he thinks the pain is related to the fall. He's setting up physical therapy and hopefully it'll help. Everytime I think about him breaking his butt, I can't help but think about that posting from Craigslist - "Broken Assed Girl." It was posted several years ago, back when Craigslist was just a shadow of what it is now. It was smaller then, easier to navigate. Anyway, I used to get a kick out of reading the "Best of Craigslist" posts. One of them has stuck in my mind all this time, and for some reason I find it to be so funny. If you want to check it out, here is the link: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/nyc/7219168.html

I'm tired. I got the house back in shape today after a very busy week last week, and now all I want to do is sleep. 'A' is sick tonight and we're pretty sure she's having a reaction to the shots she got at her 4-year check up the other day. She's had a fever all day and it rose tonight. I don't have a thermometer and most of the time I don't want one, but tonight for a second I did want one. The paperwork for the vaccine said that I should worry if she develops a fever of 105 or above. Now I know that her fever tonight wasn't that high, but a little voice wondered what it was and wished I had a thermometer so I would know.
Here's my secret formula for determining illness without a thermometer:
1) warm forehead + whining + running around and playing = not really that sick
2) warm/hot forehead + whining + playing while whining about feeling bad = sick, but not that sick
3) warm/hot forehead + laying on the floor and not moving or whining at all = really sick
Today 'A' was at the #2 level. And tomorrow is a new day.


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