In case you've been wondering, the house is toasty now that the pellet stove is up and running. All the balls in the thermometer hovered at the bottom today, indicating that the room was close to 80 degrees. What a change from two months ago, when the balls were all at the top!

Last night I met with my small group and our topic was "Finding your center." At one point as we were talking about ways to find our center and what we get out of it, we decided to turn the question around and ask what we get out of not finding our center. For example, I haven't been seen around the gym in a while, and it's not something I'm particularly happy about. It's clear to me that regular exercise would help me to find my center more easily. So, what do I get out of not going to the gym? The answers could probably fill a book.... and I don't even know what most of them are yet! Today I decided to just go. I went and of course it was great.

The gym was great for me, but not so great for 'A'. She was in the child care room with 'H' and was playing with the doll house when two boys decided to join her. They didn't approach her the way she would like to be approached. She would have liked it if they had checked in with her about how she was playing and what roles each of the dolls currently had. Instead, they barged through and took the dolls away from her and took over the doll house. The person in charge was holding a crying baby and wasn't able to work through it with them. By the time I showed up several minutes later, she was in tears, tugging at the doll in one of the boy's hands, both of them screaming, "it's mine!"

Part of me felt like she was right back where she was last year, when she would go to preschool and feel upset about the ways the boys interacted with her. One my beefs about it back then was that things would happen (the boys would barge through the toy area) and no one would take the time to talk to 'A' about what had happened. And here she was today, confused and angry, and no one stepped in to talk to those kids about what was going on. She wasn't the only one who was confused - the boys were, too. It's been a while since she's been in a situation where she had to negotiate some rough waters without any help. We talked about it on the way home and came up with some ideas of how to handle things when it happens again, but I feel badly that it had to go that far in the first place. No one should have to scream "it's mine!" for all the world to hear.

The tree is up and the only decorations so far are the candy canes the girls hung up. Lights this week perhaps?

Jeff took this series of 'A' and 'H' this weekend, and they are so "themselves" in these photos...


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