a good day


'H' slept all night, which means I did too (yay!). So right away, the day started out good. It flowed along like this:


decide on upcoming dinners (tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches; veggie burgers; garlic soup with pasta; asian-infused cauliflower, green beans and tofu; homemade gnocchi; roasted vegetable quiche). I've figured out that when I eat some animal products (eggs in particular), I have more energy. Maybe it's true what they say about eating for our blood type? I'm an O. O's like low-carb, more animal protein in their diet. It's my husband and kids who are Type A and will flourish on a diet low in animal protein.

watch 'H' at her gymnastics class. All those little kids bouncing around the mat are so cute!

play outside. Swing, swing, swing. Listen to birds.

forgot to make a loaf of bread for dinner tonight, so I started it late. We'll eat late tonight.

now I'm ready to make tomato soup for me and Jeff and some lentil/carrot/pasta soup for the girls. I can't believe these girls don't like tomato soup! I'm using a loose version of this soup that was recommended by Erika.

if I'm lucky, and if I feel like it, I'll work on 'H's Halloween costume tonight. Maybe.

This weekend is full but should be fun:

sewing class (me)

a birthday party for a friend whose whole family is adored by my whole family


I'm working at the Peace Fair this year (remember how inspired I was by it last year?)

if we have time, we'll attend the potluck at the farm

and finally, I meet with my small group - a wonderful group of women who keep me inspired and grounded, all at the same time!

:: I'm in love with all of 'A's sculptures. This one is a bird. ::


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