Peace be with you

Peace Fair today... what a wonderful group of people to spend the afternoon with. I learned from college students who spent their summer in Swaziland and Iraq, building schools and community centers; connected with the Saratoga Peace Alliance; listened to folk music; spent time with friends; and had a very nice afternoon all around.

The girls made felted balls - their (and my) first exposure to felting. I have heard of people doing it but haven't seen it done in "real life" until today. They each got a handful of wool and dipped it in water until it was soaking wet. Then they got a squirt of dish detergent on each handful and passed it between each hand for a long while and watched it form into a ball.

I've learned these past few years that if I want to live in a community of peaceful, earth-loving, creative people, I have to make an effort to find those people and actively work to keep the spirit of community alive. All of us who consider ourselves to be part of the community have the responsibility of working to keep it going. Sometimes the work is more involved and complicated, and sometimes it's as simple as having a conversation and connecting, whether it be on a personal, spiritual, or activist level. It's worth the effort. What I get in return is a feeling a fulfillment that I can't find many other places.

Hmmm.... I'm starting to sound the same way I did last year after the Peace Fair!


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