Our days lately are BUSY. I was home this afternoon just long enough to get dinner ingredients together so that Jeff could prepare dinner, then I left again and showed up at 7:30 with two hungry girls. We're running, running, running. I don't like living like this. I need some regular doses of unstructured free time. In the midst of it all, I enjoy stopping to savor a breakfast of homemade bread with homemade jam.

On the up side, I am:

:: Going to the gym regularly

:: Volunteering at church

:: Bringing the girls to swimming, gymnastics, art classes, 4-H and Girl Scouts (I changed my mind and decided YES on Girl Scouts)

:: Meeting up with friends for fun & play

:: Stopping to look at Jupiter in the sky and the red maple leaves on the ground

:: Making regular trips to the library

:: Cooking healthy homemade meals every night

:: Running errands that need to be run, cleaning things that need to be cleaned, fixing things that need to be fixed, and generally keeping up the house in a way that makes even me proud

... and I'm in need of slowing down soon!


Jennifer Says:

just remember that Laura Ingalls and her mom Carolyn were running running running all the time, too. There is no "good old days" except when we were in school and mommy and daddy did it all for us.

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