A trip to Round Lake!

Today we took a trip down the road to the Round Lake Library to pick up a book I wanted. It was our first trip to the library in Round Lake. I've driven through Round Lake before and it is just the cutest little town. It has an air of "we are small and quiet, and don't like people driving through here" about it, so I don't drive through unless absolutely necessary.

Round Lake is full of old "gingerbread" houses set close together on narrow little streets. It was a Methodist meeting camp in the 19th century (think Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard) and out of the original tent camps came these sweet gingerbread homes.

It was a pleasure to visit the library today. Everyone I met was so nice and the woman who lives next to the library was outside picking flowers and petting her cat, and she was happy to have me take a photo of the girls in front of her home.

This is just the sort of place I would love to live! Or at least visit regularly. And to my delight I found out that I can visit regularly because this library is actually my "home" library, where I can pick up requested books and take out new arrivals. It's so much closer and more convenient - and more beautiful - than a trip to the Ballston Spa library.

Another day of bliss!

PS our compost piles smells and I'm waiting for my neighbors to complain about it! I tossed it up today, threw on a bunch more compost from the woods, and I'm holding off on adding more to it until it settles down. Whew! I guess this is what you might call a learning process!


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