Hot air balloons!

I learned a few things today:

* Hot air balloons are magical and beautiful all the time, whether they are rising in the air, filling up with heat, or simply laying on the ground empty.

Today we woke at 4:45 in the morning to go to the Adirondack Balloon Festival. It's an annual event and over 90 balloons were scheduled to fill up and take off at dawn this morning. When we arrived, the frost on the ground was thawing and as the sun came up, the fog thickened. Some balloons went up but most were grounded. Still, it was a treat to see all of the balloons.

* The reason I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall has more to do with how well I've been able to notice and embrace the small, beautiful changes that nature brought throughout the spring and summer than anything else. I loved spring and summer this past year because I cherished the small things that I found outdoors. The new growth, the blossoms, the bright green leaves. I've realized that just because there isn't new growth in the fall and winter doesn't mean little changes won't occur. They will, and I can still take delight in noticing and appreciating them.

* I could have a sauna, mineral bath and massage every day and never tire of the routine. Thank you Shelly & Neal, my husband's wonderful parents, for the treat I had today! Saratoga Springs is famous for its mineral waters and the baths are a delightful accompaniment to the sauna and massage.

* Even two year olds can hammer. Today we stopped at one of our hardware stores and a kid's clinic was in progress. The girls made a wooden fire truck and used child-sized hammers to put the nails in place. What a great way to help children feel comfortable using tools!

Church tomorrow. It was supposed to be followed by a potluck at the farm but because of the rain that's due to come through, the dinner is postponed until next week. We have another commitment next week at the same time and it'll be interesting to see what choice we make and why.

Have a wonderful and magical rest of your weekend!


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