it doesn't get better than today

It doesn't get better than it was today. Today was one of my dream days. It was so simple, really. I cleaned and organized a bunch of stuff - sounds like fun, right? The things I worked on though have been on my mental "list" for some time now, and it felt so good to get them done! While I worked, I was able to play and interact with 'A' and 'H', something that felt so good because sometimes it's hard to clean and play at the same time.

As far as time spent with the girls went, I can't tell you how smooth and easy it was today. It was like a dream, with each moment unfolding so nicely and happily. There was no whining, no crying, no yelling (from either them or me). For the whole day. Even when they went upstairs together and were quiet for a while, they weren't repainting the furniture or cutting up the curtains, or any of those things you might think two little kids are capable of when they're quiet for a long stetch. I called up and asked what they were doing and was told by 'A' that they were each reading their own books. Reading!

I thought about what factors might have contributed to our blissful moods today, and I can't pinpoint it. I do think the fact that we didn't go anywhere today or have any timelines to follow was part of it. Those darn clocks always have a way of interfering with our smooth, happy routine, and the days when I don't have to look at them always seem to be the best.

Tonight I go to bed with a nicely organized craft closet; a sparkling clean bathroom; drawers full of clean, folded laundry; two happy, beloved children; and a squeaky clean conscience, knowing I did some great parenting today. What more could a mom ask for?


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