We've been spending as much time outside as possible lately. Beside that fact that it's good for us and we're soaking up the weather before winter comes, it keeps us healthy. The swine flu is running around town here and I prefer to stay away from it! At least until this weekend, that is. My sister and her husband are having a birthday party to celebrate her 40th birthday and Jeff and I are planning to leave our children with friends while we spend the night in Connecticut. Please, swine flu, stay away long enough so that we can go to this party!

Another benefit of spending time outdoors is that the girls aren't spending so much time indoors sorting through their things and leaving trails of toys and art supplies wherever they go. I'm trying hard to not call it a "mess." I like an orderly environment and I get a little crazy when they pull things out and move onto the next activity without putting things away. Now that 'H' is older and they are true playmates, they tend to get absorbed in one thing, pull everything out, and then quick as a wink, they switch gears and move like madwomen to the next new thing. All without stopping to put things back where they belong. It's not an easy thing to learn, I'm starting to see.

I'm almost at the end of Plenty, the story about the couple that took the 100-mile diet challenge a few years ago. I loved the part I read today about how they realized that the local food tasted so good, so unexpectedly good. I know! I just discovered that too, and I think it's the hidden gem of our whole local eating experiment. We don't just eat anymore, we taste and savor too.

Here's what one of the tall oaks looks like today:

It wasn't so long ago that it looked like this:

Autumn. Soaking it in, soaking it all in...


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